Freeride Electric Adventure Tours are excited to hit the hidden dirt tracks of Cape Tribulation, and we want you to join us!

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Welcome to Freeride Electric Adventure Tours, a locally owned and operated guided eco-tour that takes you into the Daintree Rainforest. Leave walkers in your wake as we explore the Daintree Rainforest; home to more diversity and wonder than anywhere else on the planet. With no emissions or toxic by-products, we can flatten hills and glide through the lush greenery, while leaving our treasured fragile environment just as we found it. With a range of swimming, walking, and biking experiences available, you'll always find the perfect way to experience the Daintree!

Using the latest e-bike technology we adventure into the rainforest, with an experienced guide to show you around the amazing world heritage listed areas. In groups of up to eight, you'll experience a thrilling rainforest eco-tour, where no two bike rides are ever the same!


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These tours feature our Bosch powered, high-performance mountain bikes, increasing your effort by up to 300 percent. Now you can tackle hills and cover more trails through the stunning Daintree Rainforest on this hour long adventure with your experienced and friendly guide. The Bosch bikes were selected to give users ultimate ease and comfort during their thrilling experience, with no toxic by-products that could damage the eco-system. Breathe clean forest air, cross freshwater streams, feel the warmth of the tropics, and hear the rushing of wind through the trees, as you pedal and coast your way through the world's most ancient rainforest.

Cross creeks and climb slopes with ease, as you follow our trails through the wild and rugged forestry- with trails suited to all abilities, this is the best way to experience the Daintree! Seats are limited.


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A special thanks to the Douglas Shire Council for their support during the initial start up of Freeride Electric Adventure Tours last year. The council awarded us a $4000 business development grant which allowed us to purchase an addition e-bike, enabling us to extend our tour numbers.